Howlpot Ribbon Leash


100% hand-made rope created with a combination of German climbing rope and Buttero, genuine Italian leather. With time and usage the rope becomes softer. The colour is exhibited by matt texture adding to the sophistication of the rope.

Length: 160cm

Rope width: 1.5cm

Looks great paired with the Ribbon Collar!


HOWLPOT are based in Seoul, South Korea. 

"We are HOWLPOT,
a design group specifically for the design rights of companion animals. 

Our design mission is to create home furnishing for companion animals, to design with the consideration of comfortableness for the animals even to the little details. 

We believe that the same design value used for products for humans has to be applied for the products for companion animals. We design our production with the companionship of our beloved animals in mind, and no just as 'pets'.

We stand for companion animal's design rights."