Premium Catnip

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Brand: Pidan

100% natural, grown on an organic farm in Taiwan. No preservatives or artificial ingredients. Freshly harvested healthy leaves carefully dried and sealed in a bottle to preserve freshness.

1 bottle last for 7 days for a single cat. Not too much, small bottles ensure freshness with every bite.

About 70% of cats are sensitive to catnip. Sprinkle a pinch or two (0.2 grams per day) on your cat’s bedding, cardboard scratching post, or onto a toy, watch them happily rolling and flipping over.

Encourage your quiet, elderly, bored, or overweight kitty to exercise more! Promote healthiness both mentally and physically.


Pidan Studio was founded in Paris. With cats in mind, their products not only meet the aesthetic expectation of cat owners but also provide a user-friendly experience for cats. Inspired by many great minds of modern design, the concept of Pidan Studio is minimal but not simple. Their products can blend easily into any modern homes and the product itself becomes a cool addition to your home.