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Wave Cat Scratching Cardboard

Brand: Pidan

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Clean and minimal design to fit any home. Densely packed cardboard for longer and durable fun. Can be set up in 3 different ways. Free premium catnip included to sprinkle in holes of cardboard to encourage use.

Reversible scratch board, quadruple the use by rotating & flipping the board once your cat scratches & wears outs one spot.

Strong and easy to assemble. Featuring a strong ABS plastic base and aluminum alloy legs.

Cardboard refills available.


Pidan Studio was founded in Paris. With cats in mind, their products not only meet the aesthetic expectation of cat owners but also provide a user-friendly experience for cats. Inspired by many great minds of modern design, the concept of Pidan Studio is minimal but not simple. Their products can blend easily into any modern homes and the product itself becomes a cool addition to your home.