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Igloo Cat Litter Box

Brand: Pidan

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Igloo Cat Litter Box is an elegant solution for any cat’s toilet experience. Inspired by the shape of Inuit igloo homes in the Arctic, the minimalist style complements modern interior design, while the spacious internal layout and litter-trapping corridor meet the needs of both cats and cat owners.

Superior quality materials allow Igloo Cat Litter Box to be lighter, sturdier, and more beautiful. For cats, this litter box offers an absolutely safe and clean environment with IONPURE®, an eco-friendly material, which is fully recyclable, low density, less impact on environment. An antimicrobial technology from Japan that is used as a safety guard for babies and children. 

An open entrance and spacious layout ensures comfort and internal ventilation for cats of all ages and sizes. A special interior corridor prevents litter tracking from the box and keeps the home clean. The spherical design allows for more space and a low interior light level, offering cats more privacy. With a gentle lift of the cover, a seamless igloo basin is revealed, including an ergonomic litter scoop with a comfortable grip for easy clean up. Igloo Cat Litter Box is the exclusive copyright of Pidan Studio, a design company founded in Paris that specialises in creative products for cats.

AWARD WINNING DESIGN: The Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box was awarded the Red Dot Award design by the Red Dot Design Museum Germany in 2016. The litter box was recognized for its creative design and innovative use.

Dimensions: H: 49.25cm W: 52.00cm R:25cm

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Pidan Studio was founded in Paris. With cats in mind, their products not only meet the aesthetic expectation of cat owners but also provide a user-friendly experience for cats. Inspired by many great minds of modern design, the concept of Pidan Studio is minimal but not simple. Their products can blend easily into any modern homes and the product itself becomes a cool addition to your home.