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Eco Max Pet Brush

Brand: Eco Max

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Natural, synthetic free cleaning and grooming for your pet; making a safer environment for you, your family and our world. Sustainable coconut fibre bristles have rounded ends that will not scratch and irritate your pet’s sensitive skin.

Handmade from naturally anti-bacterial coconut fibre and sustainable timber, the brush can be used wet to wash your pet, spreading the shampoo evenly through their coat and dry to brush out dust, sand and loose hairs. Ideal to remove dandruff or dry skin; the rounded ends will not scratch or irritate your pets sensitive skin. Perfect for dogs, cats and even rabbits, your pet will love the gentle massage the brush gives.

Salt dyed coconut fibre on galvanised wire with an Alstonia timber handle & cotton cord.

Care of your brush: Wash to remove accumulated oils and dirt and hang to dry in the sun. Comb the brush to remove excess hairs.


Eco Max brushes are Vegan Certified, Fair Trade, Biodegradable and Sustainable. 

Eco Max Brushes are handmade in Sri Lanka by a small family run business that prides it’s self on creating beautiful, sustainable brushes while providing employment and training for women.